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Our Services

We offer our IT support services only in the states of Colorado and Wyoming. On the other hand, our web/app development, web hosting and digital marketing services can be provided to any location in the world.

Commercial IT Support and Repair

We provide those services to businesses of all sizes. From desktop support to cabling installation and networking support.

Residential IT Support and Repair

We offer home networking installation, cabling as well as desktop support such as printer, virus removal, home office setup and more.

Digital Marketing Services

We offer SEO, Google ads, Google analytics, Google my business and more.

Website Development and Design

We build and support all types of websites. We can also build all types of features depending on your preferences.

App Development and Design

We build business apps, e-commerce and social media apps for our clients. 

Website Domain and Hosting Services

We allow you host your website on some of the safest servers in the world with support included.

About Us

JCTTEK was founded in October 2019 by Jean-Christian Toure. After graduating college and working as a software engineer for a year, he decided to found a tech company that offers all the skills he acquired over his years in college as well as while working the different jobs he had. Within a year,  JCTTEK grew very quickly to a 6 figure a year company, servicing major banks, businesses and retail stores.

Our Team

Jean-Christian Toure

Founder, CEO & Owner | Denver CO

Jean-Christian founded the company in 2019. He is skilled in software development, Javascript, CSS/HTML, and SQL.  He has solidified contracts with major companies and hopes to continue to grow JCTTEK.

Jeffry Castro Arzu

IT Field Engineer | Denver CO 

Jeffry Castro Arzu graduated from the Catholic University of Honduras with a degree in Computer Science Engineering in 2019. Jeffry has work experience in networking, IT support, web development, system audits, and hardware and software installation. He is currently taking CCNA courses to acquire more knowledge in the area of networking. Jeffry is very happy to be part of this great team and hopes to be in this fabulous team for a long time.

Jessica Toure

Project Manager, HR Director

Jessica is a pre-med college student. She helped create the company with Jean-Christian in 2019 and she is happy to still be a part of it and is excited to see the company grow.

Ross Krasovetz

IT Field Engineer | Denver CO 

Ross has been a part of various commercial cabling projects in Colorado since 2014. Some of his experience includes structured cabling as well as device mounting and setup. He has worked in colleges, grocery stores, warehouses, offices and hospitals for remodels and new construction projects. He also has experience in e-commerce businesses, and client management. 

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