Our Services

We offer our IT support services only in the states of Colorado and Wyoming. On the other hand, our web/app development, web hosting and digital marketing services can be provided to any location in the world.

Commercial IT Support and Repair

We provide those services to businesses of all sizes. From desktop support to cabling installation and networking support.

App Development and Design

We build all types of apps for our clients. We currently built our own app that serves as a portfolio as well.  

Digital Marketing Services

We offer SEO, Google ads, Google analytics, Google my business and more.

Website Development and Design

We build and support all types of websites. We can also build all types of features depending on your preferences.

Website Domain and Hosting Services

We allow you to host your website on some of the safest servers in the world with support included.

About Us

JCTTEK was founded on October 2019 by Jean-Christian Toure. After graduating college and working as a software engineer for a year, he decided to found a tech company that offers all the skills he acquired over his years in college as well as while working the different jobs he had. Within a year,  JCTTEK grew very quickly to a 6 figure a year company, servicing major banks, businesses and retail stores.

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Our Staff Count

Our Team as of July 2023. Two of our team members wear multiple hats.

IT Field Engineers as of July 2023


Developers as of July 2023

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IT Services Portfolio

Moved two external cameras and 1 internal camera

Moved two exterior cameras doing and one interior camera, doing new runs for all. Tested for any errors. 

Mounted and did runs for cameras

Mounted four cameras and ran cords for each to sub stations. Ran Three exterior cameras and 1 interior camera. 

Replaced four POS's for store

Deinstalled old POS machines and installed new ones, testing all equipment for any errors. 

Network runs, AP installation and more

Installed APs, Telephones, did multiple Cat6 runs. Replacing devices for Verizon. 

Installed tv displays for Taco Bell menu

Mounted and installed four tv displays for Taco Bell menu. Mounted into the ceiling and connected tvs to media box.  

Troubleshooting and repair of CoinCloud ATM

Replaced recycler and cables to restore CoinBase ATM. 

Blog Posts

Work done in Utah and Minnesota

May 8, 2023

We have now done work in Utah and Minnesota in April.

Our future location openings

May 8, 2023

New locations opening this month for Cheyenne Wyoming  and Lincoln NE. 

Billing App development

May 1, 2023

This is the logo and name of our App that will be launched on June 1st, 2023 at 1 PM MT. 

Collision Conf

May 1, 2023

I am delighted to announce that our company has been selected to attend one of tech’s biggest events in the world called Collision Conf.

Billing App development

Mar 31, 2023

We are in mid development of a billing application that is scheduled to come out June 1st.   

IT services in 13 states

Mar 13, 2023

As of March JCTTEK has provided service to 13 states and 4 states within the previous month. 

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