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Our Portfolio

In order to hire us, you need to trust us. We recommend that you take a look at our IT portfolio to see all our previous IT projects. We have done all types of projects for banks and major retail stores. With four IT engineers on our team, you can be sure to be covered with highly trained professionals who are fully equipped. 

Target Self Check Out in 6 Stores

Our company was trusted to install new self check out cameras in multiple stores.  We did it in Nebraska and New Mexico.

Mounted and did runs for cameras

Our Company was in charge of the internet infrastructure from scratch for a new office. Our talented team of engineers has been working hard for the past two months at that site for our client to have their staff move in.

New Self Check Out Cameras for Walmart Stores

Our team installed self check out cameras in several stores in the states of Nebraska and Colorado.

Moved two external cameras and 1 internal camera

Moved two exterior cameras doing and one interior camera, doing new runs for all. Tested for any errors. 

Mounted and did runs for cameras

Mounted four cameras and ran cords for each to sub stations. Ran Three exterior cameras and 1 interior camera. 

Replaced four POS's for store

Deinstalled old POS machines and installed new ones, testing all equipment for any errors. 

Network runs, AP installation and more

Installed APs, Telephones, did multiple Cat6 runs. Replacing devices for Verizon. 

Installed tv displays for Taco Bell menu

Mounted and installed four tv displays for Taco Bell menu. Mounted into the ceiling and connected tvs to media box.  

Troubleshooting and repair of CoinCloud ATM

Replaced recycler and cables to restore CoinBase ATM. 

Installed More Ports for Fedex

Installed 4 more Ethernet wall plates and ran 4 more lines to switch for Fedex.

Cisco 3850 IOS upgrade

Worked with Taeda to upgrade a 2850 Cisco Switch’s IOS. 

Installed Ethernet ports for Fedex

Installed 3 Ethernet ports and ran 6 lines to switch for Fedex. 

SAT Dish investigation

Investigated of three SAT Dishes making sure everything was weatherproof and tested signals. 

Troubleshooting APs

Did some troubleshooting  for APs  a Candlewood suite, fixing some network issues. 

Troubleshooting router

Did some troubleshooting for a StateFarm on their modem router setup. 

AP installation for Medtronic

Went back to Medtronic for some more AP installations. Installed AP’s between 2 buildings, 10 floors.

Installation of Ipad case

Installed case on Ipad and set up charging station for handheld devices.

Zebra printer repair

Did troubleshooting and repair for a couple Zebra printers. Fixing issues with tearing an replacing printer head.

Camera troubleshooting for Target

Worked on a Target camera, fixing the cable run and Patch Panel..

Installation of Ipad case

Installed case on Ipad and set up charging station for handheld devices.

Installation of QNAP for JIB

Installed QNAP for a Jack in the Box restaurant, did follow up checks makeing sure everything worked. 

AP installation and network survey

Replaced AP , labeled all APs, labeled Switch’s, did survey for equipment.

Installed 2 ATA's and 2 UPS's

Installed 2 ATA’s and replaced a UPS with two UPS’s for Nutrien. 

Replaced RAM for FEDEX

Replaced some RAM sticks for 3 camera servers for Fedex.

Installed cameras for an apartment complex

we did the runs for 15 cameras, and then mounted and installed the cameras.

Swapped Switch and UPS for Outback Steakhouse

Swapped Switch and UPS for Outback Steakhouse, and did some networking troubleshooting.

Digital removal for Sunglass Hut

Did troubleshooting on Tv then disconnected cables from display tv for removal.

Troubleshoot and replaced switch for Apts

Replaced a switch and then did some troubleshooting for an apt complex.

Work for HP printers

Troubleshooting and replacing parts.

Changed out 15 user setups for a bank

Switching monitors, PCs, and peripherals for each.

Display Tv setup for Cosco

Setup 3 display tvs, speakers, and more for Cosco. 

Deinstallation of six AP's

Deinstalled six AP’s from 3 separate warehouses. 

Installed sensor for store

Installed a motion sensor for a phone store.

AP installation for Metatronic

Installed over 170 APs for a new Metatronic building.

Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot hp printers and did some basic repairs.

Speaker swap for Home Depot

Replaced six speakers for a Home Depot .

Electronic doors Troubleshooting

Replaced motherboards for electronic doors.

Installed and hooked up 40 Port switch with APs/Craddle/Firewall

Did a cutover that included Installing 40 Port switch and firewall and hooking them up to APs and a craddle.

Troubleshooting and repair of printers

Troubleshoot hp printers and did some basic repairs.

Chipotle Sensors Installation

Installed  gateway and the sensors for Chipotle.

Repair work for lockers at Shores Apartments

Did maintenance on electronic lockers at Shores Apartments. 

Installed fridge sensors for Texas Roadhouse

Installed gateway and 3 fridge sensors for Texas Roadhouse. 

GEN Tablet Installation for Medical Clinic

Removed networking equipment, POS’s. Phones, Security Cameras, and more from closing store.

POS Installation for 7-11

Deployed POS systems then configured and tested them.

Tv mounting and installation

Mounted and then set up Tv, as well as worked with remote IT to fix errors. 

Deinstallation Project

Removed networking equipment, POS’s. Phones, Security Cameras, and more from closing store.

Server Hardware Removal

Uninstalled and removed server hardware for a company.

POS Installation for 7-11

Deployed POS systems then configured and tested them.

Broncos Stadium Project

We installed drink market stands, making sure they were ready for the season.

Cabling Project for 15 Walmart Sites

Set up network connections for switches for Walmarts across Colorado.

New Store In Colorado Springs

We setup internet infrastructure for a whole store. We did cabling, installed routers and switches for the store.

Kohl's Project

We assisted in uninstalling Kiosks at Kohls. 

Photo Labs at Walgreens

We disassembled Photo Lab Kiosks and assembled new kiosks at Walgreens.

Petco Cabling Projects

We worked at a couple of Petco stores in Colorado. We installed new AP’s around the store.

Installed Equipment for Krewe

We make sure that our customers at ShopperTrak are satified with our performance on site.

Game Stop

We were able to replace a defective media player.

LaQuinta Hotel

We installed their software to make sure that all TVs in the rooms we’re working properly

Docking Stations and Monitor Installation at Reed Group

We are trusted to do quality work and high end projects with big companies like Reed Group! 

ATA Installations at multiple Starbucks locations

The technicians at JCTTEK, were hired to install devices and connect them to the switch at each Starbucks locations. 

New Trader Joe's Store

Trader Joe’s needed technicians that had experience in installing POS systems.  

Walgreens Projects

We were hired to install HP serves at multiple HP Servers across Colorado.

Brand New Screens at Drive Thru

At this job, different location than last post, we did some replacement on media players too but it was installing new screens for their drive thrus that was the cherry on top.

Unrack and stack IT equipment

We unracked and stack all network closet gear such as racks, patch panels, and more. 

Replacing Media Players at McDonald's

Ever wonder who helps set up or provide maintenance to menus at McDonald’s? We do! We help with that.

Sherwin Williams Projects

We have done plenty Sherwin Williams projects and looking forward to do more. We have done cable management, install devices, and more!

Nike Projects

We visit Nike stores to troubleshoot, configure, and clean their equipment. 

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